Do you want an update on the latest developments in the UK gambling market?


Do you want to know how the state-to-state licensing of online poker is developing in the US?

The best fit

Do you want to know which gambling regulation model is the best fit for your jurisdiction?

I can compile and deliver the relevant information for you and prepare it in a way which can serve as a background report or a notice to local decision makers.

In addition to advising on specialist gambling law and regulatory matters from a legal and commercial perspective, I am well positioned to provide regulators with guidance as to how to create attractive and responsible gaming markets, player protection measures, anti-money laundering measures, crime prevention and regulatory controls for enforcing the gaming regulation in the jurisdiction and dealing with black market operators.


I have extensive knowledge about all forms of gambling, including betting, casino, lottery, or poker and social gaming and whether it is traditional land-based gambling or remote gaming.


I can provide you with comparative information from all relevant major gambling markets in the world – Europe, US, Australia and Asia. In the markets where I am not e an expert I have partners who are. To provide the best possible assistance for jurisdictions in Latin America we have partnered with the Madrid-based law firm Loyra Abogados I am offering in-depth knowledge about the gambling market and understand the sensitive aspects of gambling regulation in Latin American.


    • Advice on suitable models according to a jurisdiction’s aims and traditions
    • Jurisdictional comparisons and their pros and cons
    • Drafting legislation and regulations
    • Legal review of draft regulation
    • Post regulation impact assessment
    • Advice on setting up a gambling control body
    • Training for regulators